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May 11, 2013
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MnG- Hiro by kokonose MnG- Hiro by kokonose
Thanks to *cherubchan for her really helpful redlines!! ; u ; Ilu u v u

Name: Takahashi Hiroyuki 'Hiro'          Height: 5'11'' / 1'80 cm
Age: 18                                            Weight: 160 lbs / 72 kg
Year: Senior                                      Level: Expert

· Anything related to the USA or its culture
· Helping people
· The feeling of weightlessness he gets in the water
· His family

· Violence of any kind
· Seeing people cry
· Being late
· Being called 'clumsy' for tripping

Hiro is a carefree guy, who loves taking care of everyone around him. If he sees someone in need, he'll go and try to help no matter what is he doing, not even if it's something urgent. He is friendly and open, and very openminded thanks to the education his parents gave him. He loves to hang out with people, and considers everyone a friend. When he has to stop a conflict, he always try to calm down both parts and talk to them privately to see what happens and how can it be solved, because he thinks everyone has a motif for what they do, and fights are a result of two people not understanding each other. He'll never use violence or approve it, and he'll stop anyone he sees using it even if it means he's gonna get injured.

Hiro was born in a loving family, formed by his father, an American who came to Japan to be an english teacher, his mother, a Japanese woman owner of a small flower shop, and his little sister. His father, came to Japan from USA as soon as he finished university because he was in love with the country and its culture. He started working as an english teacher and eventually meet Takahashi Ayame, a young girl who had taken care of her parents' flower shop. They fell in love and ended marrying, his father adopting his mother's last name, and had their first kid at 26.

They raised him as a nice, responsible, happy boy. He never had any trouble making friends, and her mother quickly taught him to be honorable and help everyone he could. His little sister was born when he was six, and althought he was dead jealous of her at first, thanks to the efforts of his parents he ended loving her a lot, enjoying the 'big brother' situation a lot. Contrary to his father, who thinks ofuro, kotatsu and the tea ceremony are the best things in the world, Hiro quickly developed an interest for the american culture, and started reading books, watching american series, listening to american groups and even bugging his father to buy any american newspaper. When the first computer was bought in his house, he started first emailing and then skyping a lot with his grandparents and cousins in the USA, and got the resolution to go live there as an adult.

When he turned a teen, he was diagnosed joint hypermobility, which was causing him to start developing back problems, and the medics quickly recommended him to practise swimming to solve them, or at least prevent them from going further. He didn't like that because he was a pretty lazy guy, but his father quickly found a solution: he bought the Baywatch series in DVD and made sure Hiro watched it. It worked like a miracle, and soon he was a fan of David Hasselhoff and his dream job was to be a lifeguard in Santa Monica. He started learning to swim and, much to his surprise, he discovered he actually loved it, so much he'd spent as much time as he could in the water. He got better, and started participating in competitions, and wnning quite a few. When the time to decide for a High School came, he begged his parents to allow him to go to a swimming school, and they happily obliged, even though they were sad he had to leave for the dorms. They made him promise he'll go back at least some weekends (since the school is just a couple of hours far away from his hometown), on holidays, and call them a lot.

Additional Info
· Family is his number one priority, and friends is his number two.
· He doesn't like his name, 'Hiroyuki' and instead asks people to call him Hiro.
· He has a strong brother complex towards his little sister, and texts with her practically every day.
· He has a vast knowledge of flowers, thanks to helping in his mother's shop.
· He speaks fluent english, as his parents educated him in both Japanese and English.
· His joint hypermobility still gives him a few problems, making him prone to dislocations and sprains. Thanks his muscle strenght, the shoulders and most of his joints barely give him problems anymore, but his ankles still fail him quite a lot, making him trip frequently.
· He wants to work as a lifeguard in the USA.

EHHHHHH I'm trying ok-- I mean, how could I resist a group full of shirtless bishies :icongyaa3plz:
I'm sorry if I made anything wrong, sobs. Half the merit is *cherubchan's, I asked her for help and she made me those awesome redlines hfsdjzf, idk how would this look without her help :iconcannotevenplz:
I really hope I get in :iconorzplz: But even if I don't, this still was a good practise, so long since I last drew some muscles! >v<
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